Platform to list academic events in Healthcare domain

Healthcare Event Listing in Medical, Dental & Hospital management discipline

Email to all specialists doctors

Email will be sent to all the doctors of respective specialists to sensitise on the event

SMS on the event brief to respective specialists

SMS notification to all the registered doctors and to our database of subscribed specialists

Social Media Promotions on the events

Facebook, LinkedIn & adwords to reach across all the new doctors to promote the event.

Website notification to subscribers

We also notify the website visitors about the updates on the website, on realtime event updates.

Make use of the below features while listing


Event Listing

Listing based on disciplines

Count Down

Time left for the event


Users express interest to attend

Subscribe Event

Get notified for your speciality events

Event Timings

Start and end date with timings

Event Location

On Gmap & get directions

Organisers' Details

Contact details of the event organisers

Share Event

Visitor can share with their networks

Save Event

Either in Google calendar or Outlook

Speakers Details

Brief profile and credentails of each speaker


Schedule of Events

Agenda of the event to help the delegates


Sell the tickets online at users finger tips

Our Initiative

Our objective is to reachout the information on the healthcare events to the concerned healthcare professionals.

This is a not-for profit initiative, and we help the event organizers to reach across the end users. Our support services are in the area mentioned.

  • Emails to Doctors 90%
  • SMS to doctors 60%
  • Facebook & Google Promotions 50%
  • Notifications to users 90%
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